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Sequential Lpg Car Autogaz-Stag

Leading Manufacturer of ac stag 200 gofast lpg kit, lpg - ecu controllers, stag tuning - lpg kit, stag- lpg kit and gas conversion car from Coimbatore.

AC Stag 200 Gofast lpg kit

AC Stag 200 Gofast lpg kit
  • AC Stag 200 Gofast lpg kit
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Product description:

AC STAG 200 GoFast - full LPG/Autogas 4 cylinder conversion

GoFast is a versatile controller designed for installation in most cars (sequential, semi-sequential, “full group”).
The device has been designed as simple as possible the entire system, and a significant shortening of the time needed for installation and calibration of the system. Created controller is based on a 32-bit processor and components of automotive, which proves its modern design and reliability.

GoFast benefits
• fast installation due to the minimal number of wires,
• Simple and clear calibration program - only two dialog window,
• processor has the ability to expand with new software features,
• application sessions without the controller in use demo mode,
• small - compact weather - resistant housing,
• a switch with an integrated buzzer – only 3 wires are required for connection.
Simple installation

• no connection cable to the reading of rotation, the controller calculates them based on the time of injection
• in most case it is not necessary to connect the ignition signal
• a switch with an integrated buzzer – only 3 wires are required for connection
• gas level indicator CES (H) is powered directly from the solenoid valve mounted on the cylinder.

Simple calibration:

• all functions are arranged on two panels and no tab switching is required,
• build-in standard and expert function. Mode of standard contains the minimum functions necessary that to set up the car. However, at any moment by pressing the switch to expert where the advanced more functions of the controller,
• if the PC communication cable has been disconnected, the controller attempts to restore transmission itself,
• support of controller too with Bluetooth Next.

• new hardware platform based on a 32-bit processor,
• fail-safety – use the components of automotive,
• optional extension with new application features,
• application sessions without the controller in use demo mode.
Application functions:
• preview of working parameters on the oscilloscope,
• petrol injection time map 2D,
• the fuel LPG / CNG,
• engine RPM signal filter,
• operation with various types of injection control (standard, doubling),
• setting of maximum load on the gas engine,
• engine type, standard or turbocharged,
• intelligent post-injection
• integrated corrections for temperature and pressure of gas,
• mazda Leaning ™,
• gas injectors heating,
• map of correction based on gas temperature,
• reducer pressure reduction upon cut-off (discharge),
• setting of the allowed number of emergency starts,
• Sound alarm for emergency start
• Hot start (start stop),
• automatic setting of gas level,
• “Leaning on cold engine” option – limiting the maximum injection time on a cold engine (VAG),
• detection of gas pressure sensor fault


Additional Information:

  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
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LPG - ECU Controllers

LPG - ECU Controllers
  • LPG - ECU Controllers
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"Q factor.Q-generation STAG is a new generation of controllers which has been brought up on the experiences from previous generations. Q-generation not only eliminates the errors of the predecessors and contains all possible system updates. The Q-generation is one step ahead of the other projects, it forecasts the problems and needs of the future generations of car ECU's. It is a comprehensive set of features much ahead of its time. Q-generation STAG includes controllers tailored to the futuristic dreams which we have not imagined so far. Its intelligence will be appreciated only by experienced and demanding users. It is the top level of quality, which we are reaching for you today.

Cars fueled with autogas tend to gradually effect ECU indications, which results in problems with petrol fueling. The ECU reports a problem with the engine fault lamp lighting up from time to time. However, since the car does not show any other problems at this stage, users often ignore this. Later, the lamp is ON all the time and the engine starts and runs only on autogas. A regular controller supports the system in a normal way, but in the long run, mechanical intervention and serious repairs of the whole system will be needed. Regular controllers do not cope with fluctuations of changing parameters of other units either – injectors, the reducer or ultimately the engine. How does the Q–generation handle this?

One of the basic functions assigned to the Q-generation as a standard is autoadaptation. This function is an algorithm stored in the controller to correct gas injector parameters so that their operation is always adjusted to varying parameters of the operating engine and that the risk of errors is reduced to minimum. Autoadaptation is an advantage of the QBOX, QNEXT and QMAX series – i.e. regardless of the category, all controllers with the "Q factor" provide professional, modern and effective support for any operating system in passenger cars and other vehicles. Electronics prepared by STAG at this level represent a Premium brand, designed for users that prefer luxury, comfort and good price-to-quality ratio.


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Stag Tuning - LPG Kit

Stag Tuning - LPG Kit
  • Stag Tuning - LPG Kit
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Engines of any  car available on the market has  hiding enormous potential. The reason is that the cars at the factory are not adjusted individually,but  serially and according to the generalized settings of its work.  The  "STAG TUNING" device unlocks the hidden resources of  power, what influences the optimization of setting of particular car, so that the user would be able to ride more dynamically,  safer and even more economical.

 Chip-tuning as a module «STAG TUNING" improves the efficiency and power of the engine in the full rotary range . As a result, we obtained  a safe increase in power and, what is more important  more torque  increases up to 20%, resulting in an mprovement of engine’s flexibility  even while 1500 rpm. Vehicle becomes more dynamic, without increasing fuel consumption. Installation "STAG TUNING" is very simple; we need only to connect two wires. No special knowledge is required, or intervention in a vehicle computer. It's a completely safe, independent module.
Application: (Only for turbocharged engines):
• indirect injection
• Direct injection
• Diesel

Benefits of using «STAG TUNING":
• increase flexibility and efficiency in all gears at all speeds,
• minimize the effect of the so-called "turbo lag"
• the possibility of individual characteristics of  power waveform  and torque.

Technical parameters:
• built-in processor for emulation of control signals
• No access to modify the software in the engine control unit, so that the owner is not exposed to brake the warranty on the purchased car.
• The ability to simultaneously emulation of  2 channels boost pressure
• does not cause problems with the engine computer error "Check"
 • Can be used in vehicles with a diesel engine with turbo sensor.

Comparison of performance diagrams  from the dyno - stand for two popular types of car Skoda:


Octavia 1.8 - 160 KM

Factoryafter tuning
165 HP 193 HP
240 Nm280 Nm




Roomster 1.2 TSI CBZB 105 KM

Factory after tuning
105 HP   114 HP
176 Nm216 Nm





Legend for the test:
Yellow thick line - torque reference (factory)
Yellow thin line - torque  with STAG TUNING module  
Blue thin line - engine power (factory)
Red thin line - engine power  with "STAG TUNING" module


STAG TUNING application supported of Windows versions  and up to 7 including version. Application of Windows 8 is not supported.

Opportunity to purchase a USB cable to the product.


STAG TUNING is a safe device to use, provided that the person uses the results obtained in a reasonable and do not strain the engine continuously. It should be noted that an excessive burden on the car can cause damage to the mechanical components of the engine and powertrain.

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Stag- LPG Kit

Stag- LPG Kit
  • Stag- LPG Kit
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Authorised dealer

AC SA is a Polish leader and also an important world’s manufacturer of automotive LPG/CNG systems under STAG brand. AC SA has been operating on the Polish automotive market for more than 27 years and currently it has been the largest company in the segment of gas installations in Poland. According to its own estimates, AC SA has more than 50% share in the Polish market.

The products offered by AC SA are delivered to more than 40 countries all over the world. In 2011, the sale for foreign contractors represented 63% of the total income of AC SA. The key foreign clients of AC SA include Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, and Thailand.

The Company offers safe, cost effective, and environment friendly solutions. The policy followed by the Company focuses on the principal objective, which is: customer satisfaction by supplying top quality innovative products.

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Gas Conversion Car

Gas Conversion Car
  • Gas Conversion Car
  • Gas Conversion Car
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By focusing on various demands of our respected clients, we are providing an exclusive range of Lpg Conversion Car. This product is tested in terms of quality in order to deliver a defect free range. Our product is developed from the superior quality basic material as per the set industry norms. The offered product is available in different specifications to meet the exact needs of the customers.


  • Precisely designed
  • Optimum performance
  • Does not make pollution
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